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How To Prepare For Your First Call With BetaGov

Date:   September 25, 2017

When you submit an idea for a trial with BetaGov, we’ll schedule a call to learn more about your idea. From there, we can determine if your idea is appropriate for a randomized controlled trial...(cont'd)

Let's Talk Process

Date:   August 22, 2017

The prospect of conducting research may be overwhelming and foreign to practitioners with limited experience in empirical science. But...(cont'd)

Three Reasons To Do A Randomized Controlled Trial

Date:   August 2, 2017

Wondering if a randomized controlled trial is the best way to test an idea at your agency? Wonder no more. An RCT is the gold standard for...(cont'd)

Calling All Parents And Educators

Date:   July 25, 2017

BetaGov research assistance is open to educators! As part of BetaGov’s goal to help practitioners in public-sector organizations test their own...(cont'd)

BetaGov & NYU CUSP Partner To Analyze Prosecutor Data

Date:   July 19, 2017

In early July, a team of NYU CUSP master’s students partnering with BetaGov presented data analysis and visualization to the Santa Clara County (CA) District Attorney’s Office. Their analysis is helping the...(cont'd)

BetaGov is Free!

Date:   July 5, 2017

No, you didn’t misunderstand: BetaGov assistance is free! We need a bumper sticker with this message since it is the inquiry that we get most often...(cont'd)

Dream Big, But First Think Small

Date:   June 14, 2017

Our practitioner partners think of some incredible ideas to test. From placing air plants in prison cells to creating suicide-prevention training...(cont'd)

Don't Apologize

Date:   June 5, 2017

As a BetaGov case manager, my role is to help public sector practitioners facilitate randomized controlled trials in their agencies. This offers me great exposure to a particularly resourceful, engaged, and...(cont'd)

Staying The Course: Don’t Be Overwhelmed When Developing Your Good Idea!

Date:   May 17, 2017

Like most everything in life, interest and enthusiasm for new ideas and projects ebb and flow. We’ve also found this to be true with some of our BetaGov trials. The initial period following identification...(cont'd)

Welcoming Denise O'Donnell To The Marron Institute

Date:   April 14, 2017

New York University continues to tap exceptional talent from the federal transition. Today, Denise O’Donnell, Director of the United States...(cont'd)

We Don’t Care About Your Trial's Results, And That's A Good Thing

Date:   April 12, 2017

How many batches does it take to make a perfect chocolate chip cookie? If you’re a baker at America's Test Kitchen, the answer is ...(cont'd)

The Best Tool To Fix The Criminal Justice System: Ignorance

Date:   April 4, 2017

Senator Session’s recent appointment as U.S. Attorney General has elicited predictable concerns from progressives and praise from...(cont'd)

Policies Under Construction

Date:   January 19, 2017

Working in a leadership position at a human services agency is a unique experience. These organizations are typically quite large, as state...(cont'd)

Being Thankful

Date:   November 23, 2016

The BetaGov team has a great deal to be grateful for. To the public agencies we partner with, we are humbled by your dedication to...(cont'd)

BetaGov Model For Innovation

Date:   November 14, 2016

The typical research paradigm relies on an academic investigator with an idea to identify a potential funding mechanism, prepare and submit...(cont'd)

Deliberative Corrections

Date:   August 12, 2016

The people most affected by criminal justice policies are rarely consulted in developing those policies or associated programs and practices. We would like to change that...(cont'd)

Some Background on BetaGov

Date:   June 7, 2016

In December 2012, I was invited to speak at a conference that featured the leadership of a federal agency, and I presented an idea that I called...(cont'd)